1370: Kung Zhu Combat set

Key data

Category: Preschool - 2+ yr olds

Location: O (On loan)

Age range: 3 years +

Number of pieces: 53

Number of unique pieces: 33


1 Battle arena

2 Battle Zhu Zhu pets

2 Battle amour s

1 Black tunnel (Clear top)

1 Black tunnel (Green/clear top)

1 Red/black ring with 3x exits and no roof

1 Green/black ring with 3x exits

4 Exit door stops - black s

2 Exit door stops - reds

1 Red arena track with skeleton picture

1 Red nail with grooves

1 Grey nail with grooves

1 Medium red rectangle stand

1 Red/green/grey skull face piece

1 Black round disc with dragon picture

1 Red stand with yellow/red dragon

1 Red Chinese style archway disc

1 Grey arena track with lightening bolt

1 Large red curved ramp

3 Black curved connector pieces s

5 Small black rectangle stands s

5 Red flags with a skeleton picture s

4 Grey delta force flags s

1 Red curved clip on piece

1 Grey curved clip on piece

1 Red clip on piece. Rectangle at the bottom/half circle at the top

1 Red dragon clan flag

1 Red flag with skeleton face

1 Red flag with a black/white outline

1 Green Kung Zhu thunder tablet

1 Red King Zhu fire tablet

2 Green clip on guns s

1 Large war hammer


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