195: Sylvanian Family Starry Point Lighthouse

Key data

Category: Over 5 - Harder puzzles, games, small pieces, Lego

Location: I (In library)

Age range: 3 years +

Number of pieces: 26

Number of unique pieces: 21


1 Lighthouse

1 Large brown side of the building

1 Medium brown roof piece

1 Lighthouse tower top piece (1 currently missing)

1 Red top of Lighthouse tower

1 Yellow hot air balloon

4 Blue fence railings

1 Whale shaped table

1 White sofa

1 Boat shaped hammock

2 Red railings for the top of the lighthouse towers

1 Tan/White/Black sink oven

1 Tan rope ladder

1 Brown seat for hot air balloon

1 Rope piece to attach hot air balloon to the top of the Lighthouse

2 Night time slides

1 Daddy Bunny

1 Mamma Bunny

1 Little girl Bunny

1 Little boy Bunny

1 Brown clip on piece


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