232: Duplo Steam Train

Key data

Category: Construction - Blocks, trains, magnets...

Location: I (In library)

Age range: 2-5 years

Number of pieces: 84

Number of unique pieces: 46


1 Train station master (blue hat)

1 Little girl (star top)

1 Blue petrol tank

1 Twin French bread stick

1 Main red train carriage

1 Yellow roof on train

1 Black base of main carriage with wheels

1 Red back train carriage

1 Black roof of carriage

1 Black base of back carriage with wheels and a yellow hook

4 Light green sloped blocks (tree pieces)

1 Brown tree trunk block

1 Light green square block

1 Grey squirrel

1 Red base

2 Dark blue medium size blocks

1 Black block bucket attachment

1 Yellow tip bucket

1 Black square block

1 Grey square block

2 Grey shovel s

1 Light blue rectangle block

1 Dark blue pole piece

1 Grey base with train track attached

1 White window pane

1 Red window block

1 Long white block piece

2 Red sloped awning pieces s

2 Light blue sloped pieces s

1 Clock block

1 Orange suitcase (1 currently missing)

1 Yellow chair

1 Road worker man with radio earmuffs

1 Blue suitcase

2 Tan square block pieces s

4 Red block pieces s

4 Red archway blocks s

2 bridge pieces with large foundations s

2 Sloped bridge pieces s

11 Straight track pieces s

12 Curved track pieces s

2 Yellow action bricks

1 Red action brick

1 Green action brick

1 Blue action brick

1 White action brick


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