597: Little People - Dollhouse

Key data

Category: Preschool - 2+ yr olds

Location: I (In library)

Age range: 2-5 years

Number of pieces: 13

Number of unique pieces: 12


1 house

1 pink high chair

1 white table

2 white chairs

1 Yellow helicopter

1 Girl helicopter pilot with red hair

1 Girl wearing glasses in a yellow rain jacket and hat holding a book

1 Post lady with red hair

1 Little blonde boy with a truck on his top

1 Girl with black hair holding a red apple

1 Lady with brown hair holding a book and bell

1 Man with brown hair holding reusable coffee cup and a cellphone


Public comments: Storage location: Preschoolers, fold-out dollhouse with mum, dad and Baby and a bed, hightchair, dining suite, pushchair etc. Several parts of the house make sounds when used ie: when the toilet seat is lifted flushing sounds.

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